6 Great Moving Tips

I get emails from MovingGamePlans.com sometimes about how to best organize, simplify, and gamify clients’ moves to their new homes. They recently shared a post about moving tips that I thought we’d have a little fun with:


1. Use the correct boxes (even if you’re on a budget!)

It’s tempting to use a bunch of old, ratty cardboard boxes to haphazardly throw your belongings into. Instead, make sure to get the prop–ah, who are we kidding? You’re going to use the old, ratty ones anyway, aren’t you?

2. Make sure to allow enough time

One day of packing per room should do it, because we all know packing is always a stress-free streamlined activity you can totally put a time limit on. We don’t even know what time it is right now. Thanks, Daylight Savings.

3. Color code the boxes

Hold on, so you’re telling me I have to go get the right boxes, pack each room in one day, and THEN color-code the things? I am not Marie Kondo.

4. Pack one room at a time

Okay, I can actually do this. Mostly because I will be buried underneath all the belongings I meant to sell or give away in 2013.

5. Create an essentials box

You don’t understand. All of this is essential. Yes, even the Santa salt shaker I always forget to put out for the holidays but vividly remember receiving as a gift from…um, from…um, well, probably someone important!

6. Develop a moving timeline

I do have a timeline! I need to be out of this house in exactly one week, meaning that I have (deduct the square root, carry the one…) exactly 6 days and 23 hours before I actually start frantically packing and throwing everything I own into random boxes. Uh-oh.

In all seriousness, moving (and packing) is a big chore. I am happy to recommend movers, cleaners, and more to my clients when the time comes to move into or out of a home. Just give me a call!

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