WC Putt Putt – New Local

The temporary mini-golf course next to Mel’s has moved and expanded! They signed a six-month lease to be on the side parking area next to where KFC used to be (or for those who didn’t live here yet/don’t remember KFC, it’s in the same lot as The Habit).

Mini-golf is always a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with your family, especially during the tail-end of these COVID-19 restrictions. This course in Walnut Creek has 18 holes and only costs $10 to play. Check for open times, they are not open all week, but definitely during the weekends.

As for the property itself, the ongoing battle about height requirements must have been resolved, as Mark Hall is going to develop this location. It will take up to a year for approvals to get going, but that space has sat dormant for several years, so it will good to see some changes on this corner.

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