A Closing To Start The Year

Terri, aka Theresa, moved up from Southern California with an IKEA job transfer. We connected on a call and she wanted to know if I was from New York, because I talk kind of fast. She is from New York, but I am born in San Francisco, and raised in Nevada – what a funny way to start our time together!

Terri knew she wanted to be in The Keys in Walnut Creek. She wanted a safe environment as her top priority, which that area provides. However, there was very little on the market as we started our hunt during the holiday season. I asked if she was interested in Rossmoor, but she said she was not interested in a senior community.

Then, a long-time friend came out to visit while she was house-hunting. She coaxed Terri into checking out Rossmoor, and she ended up loving the outdoor space and how peaceful and safe it felt there. We ended up looking at a handful of places in the area, but many needed work. Then, 1708 Golden Rain, Unit 1, dropped its price.

The minute we walked in, Terri said, “This is it.” It is a beautiful 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom upper Monterrey unit with views of the hills, lots of greenery, and light from the enclosed balcony. She is very happy – and so is her cat, who has a nice view perched from his cat condo! A happy start to the year!

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