Another Buyer Closing!

I recently represented a buyer for a home in the Antioch area. It was a 4-bedroom fixer listed at $575,000, but my client got it for $540,000. The picture below shows what the house looked like when my client put the offer in. He has since landscaped the front.

This was a trust sale, and the renter had been there for years with low rent and would fix some things for the previous executor who was ousted out by a relative via a court battle. I was told he was spending all the trust money. After we did our inspections, we found it needed a new HVAC system, the tenant who was an electrician replaced a part to keep it running for $400, saving the previous executor (however, that was a few years ago and it should have a completely new system). The home also needed fresh paint, new flooring, and some updating. You can see a glimpse of the work my client has done in the yard so far here.

The neighbors are happy and my client is slowly getting the work done, which will give him some sweat equity. If you know of any fixers, give me a call! I have a bunch of contractors looking for opportunities.

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