Another Closing!

I recently closed on a property (3320 Northwood K, Concord) in a very unique situation: I represented both the seller and the buyer. I do this rarely, but it worked out in this instance and both sides ended up very happy!

The sellers, Chahera and Hakim, have four kids in a two-bedroom home. To go to market, they would have had to paint and replace the carpet upstairs. It was a big ask! But, I had a buyer, Tina, who had been looking for a two-bedroom townhome in Concord and had been beaten out multiple times.

She offered Chahera and Hakim fair market value, taking into consideration the painting and carpet needs. The kitchen and downstairs half-bath had been recently remodeled. The pictures below are of the house as Tina begins to add her own touches of paint, carpet a bit of wallpaper.

Recent sales were around $420,000 and $430,000 and Tina and I had put an offer on the $420,000 property at $424,000 and they still chose the other buyer. So, needless to say, this was a perfect situation for both sides that left both buyers and sellers satisfied! Congratulations to both families.

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