Dublin’s newest listing!

This is a legacy client, if you will! The sellers have used me four times now, and I found out recently that’s at least partially because they like my direct, straightforward style. They are from New York, so that makes sense!

Gio and Bessie moved to the Bay Area from New York and have progressively moved up: from a condo, to a detached, and now into a new construction single-family home with a yard and driveway! They already are a family of 4 and hope to get a dog once the move and construction are completed. They are listing their tri-level home with a very small yard in Dublin and making the move to Livermore.

If you are looking for a newer detached home in Dublin – or are planning to buy or sell in the near future – let me know! As you can see in these pictures, it’s a very stylish and bright home with many upgrades!

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