Brioche de Paris comes straight from France!

On Sept. 30th, owner Wissem Kheruji opened Brioche de Paris in downtown Walnut Creek. He is from Paris originally, and his family owns many Parisian bakeries. Wissem is the only member of his family in the U.S. He went into health and fitness, but ended up following in the family footsteps. Lucky us!

He opened this French-inspired cafe and bakery at Locust and Bonanza. They use imported flour and butter to make everything besides their baguette bread in-house. They are brand new, so the menu is still developing, but I’ve been told that a sweet and savory crepe menu should be available in a few weeks.

Brioche de Paris also offers espresso drinks, a daily soup, and salads. Their croissants are out of this world. They serve sandwiches between $6-$9 and pastries for $5 or less, and as little as $2.25. That’s right about in line with Walnut Creek prices.

The space itself is quite cozy and open, and they offer free WiFi with tons of outlets, which is usually a frustration in cafes. I’d highly recommend going to visit and getting a fresh croissant and enjoying a cup of joe at the newest bakery in town!

2 thoughts on “Brioche de Paris comes straight from France!”

  1. Charming Fabulous Bistro! And now it has wonderful outside dining under huge umbrellas. This morning it was hopping with energy. Diners observing perfect distancing, Parisian music gently streaming… it was like being teleported to the streets of Paris. Staff thoughtfully wear masks and adhere to strict cleanliness. And they serve the most delicious fare! Thank you. Yes. We are indeed lucky!

    1. I agree, one of my favorite go to coffee/meeting places. Looking forward to the day we can go back to indoor dining.

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