Can’t beat Toss in Berkeley!

Everyone loves a good noodle bowl, especially during the winter! The Bay Area has no shortage of good ramen and noodle places, and Toss in Berkeley is one of the best ones I’ve tried! I went recently for a lunch when I was in that part of town.

They let you choose wheat or rice noodles, then you pick your favorite sauces and the meat or vegetable to go in there, too! All of them have vegetables. It’s like a DIY noodle place and the result is fantastic.

Seating will fill up fast, especially during lunch and dinner primetime, and with a drink, it will cost approximately $20-$24, but it is sooo good! I’m hoping to get a similar noodle-type place in Walnut Creek. We already have Ramen Hiroshi on Bonanza and Kevin’s Noodle House on Main, but they are different – more like soup than Toss, which is noodles!

Toss is on Shattuck in Berkeley, so next time you crave a noodle bowl while you’re in that area, make sure you give it a shot. You won’t regret it!

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