165 Twin Peaks for Lease

This house is for rent, offered at $9,950 per month.  Ideal for the A’s baseball player or Oakland Raider football player!

It includes a 4 car garage, 6127 sq. ft. 5 bedrooms & 4.5 baths overlooking Walnut Creek and amazing views of Mt. Diablo, especially from the infinity pool.  For those of you who live in the neighborhood, this home during construction burned down twice within two years.  I will never forget waking to noises at 5:30 am on a Saturday morning in July day of a Dewing Park swim meet.  Embers were floating down the hill onto roof tops and everyone was out watching and watering down their roof tops.  A year later appx. the same weekend, it was torched again.  The Police never found the arsonist, however once it was completed, it was left alone.


Full Circle Organic Produce



I received a Groupon to have organic produce delivered to my home.  Since my New Years Resolution is to eat more fruit and vegetables, I decided to give it a try and this was my first delivery.

Full Circle Produce

I was able to modify the selected delivery with other in season choices.  They even tell you where the produce comes from.  I ordered the seedling box for 1-2 people.  It was delivered on my door step Sunday night around 11 pm.  I am now cooking dishes, I would not have considered before – roasted beet salad with mandarins, sautéed Tuna with onions & spinach over butternut squash.  Yummm!!!



Is White the new Black?