Closing For A Fellow Kristin

I recently had the opportunity to close a sale for a client with my exact name! Kristin Williamson graduated about two years ago and works in the healthcare industry. She decided to buy her first home right when the market started to shift.

She bought a condo off Geary that needs a little updating, but has laundry inside and a huge hall closet for additional storage. It is a 2-bed, 1-bath with a large gated front patio. Her father and brother-in-law are going to put in new flooring and may update the kitchen before Kristin moves in. I look forward to seeing the updates!

Kristin is hoping to have all the work done by the beginning of October. She already has a roommate set to move in, too. I have to say, that’s a smart move. Buying a home in your early 20s and getting a roommate to defer the costs will set her on a path to building wealth via home ownership.

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