Coffee Shop Roulette

I tried Public House in Lafayette recently. It used to be The Coffee Shop. We also had a Coffee Shop in Walnut Creek, but now Rooted has moved into that space. It’s coffee roulette! Anyway, I enjoyed my stop at Public House and highly recommend it.

They start with breakfast and then turn it into a beer garden in the afternoon. It has a really great outdoor space, but does close a little early (8 p.m.). Some good-looking menu items include breakfast burrito and braised short rib melt, but you can’t really go wrong.

The adult drinks are good, too, and as mentioned, the outdoor space is worth the visit alone on a nice day. It kind of reminds me of a good brewery set up. They also have indoor seating, some gift items, but the draw is the outside space. They also host events and parties in that space. I tried a margarita, tacos with chips and salsa on my quick visit, but will definitely be back for more!

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