Community Earth Day Event!

On Earth Day, I teamed up with a bunch of neighbors through Parkmead Community Association and event organizer Karen of The Cleanup Crew to walk around Parkmead and pick up trash. We focused on the main neighborhood, Parkmead Elementary school, and the 680 on-ramp right near there.

We picked up a ton of trash and even got four additional bags’ worth on the on-ramp. Someone dumped some of their own trash on the side of the ramp, which CalTrans will come by and pick up. We had lots of families, so the ones with small kids cleaned at the school and Tice Creek.

We worked under the underpass by Kaiser and there was lots of trash on Lilac, including many cigarette butts (they have to go off property to smoke). Nobody really cleans around that area, or into the chain-link fenced area across from Hickory Pitt by the Kaiser offices.

Karen (“The Litter Lady”) has been coordinating trash clean-up in Walnut Creek for some time and gave an intro. She was wonderful, and it was a day well spent making our little slice of the town look beautiful again. Please take care of our home and throw your trash away!

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