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With the trend towards tiny homes (see my recent blog!), I found it interesting that Crate & Barrel has started marketing some lines of furniture to mini-living. This trend was reinforced from a coach, philosopher, and student of learning who built a tiny home with no electricity but did have running water and truly lived off the grid.

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Since the trend is turning towards more urban living (especially in bigger cities), and towards tiny homes, furniture needs to be on a smaller scale, too. To satisfy those trends and to play to the tiny home-loving millennial market, stores like Crate & Barrel (CB2) are making furniture for a smaller scale living space.

I find all this very intriguing and a smart way to live, especially as I get older, am an empty nester, and don’t need the expense of watering 1/3 acre or heating a 2,000-sq. ft. home.

The coach I mentioned is Michael Lorence. He lived in a tiny home in the woods and called his home the “Innermost House.” It was 12-by-12 feet in size, in a world lit only by fire. It served as a private meeting place of forest nature, fine traditional craft, fundamental thought culture, and cosmopolitan spirituality. In our class and various conversations, it got me thinking about how much space we really need and the importance of communing with nature.

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Another insight into tiny homes was when my friends the Lore’s, who are very handy at remodeling, helped their oldest son, Ryan, remodel a small 450-sq. ft. studio he bought in the city and created a very chic and modern living space that was featured in Houzz. It is a trend that I believe will become the norm as it has been in Europe and Asia. It also links to my past blog on the number of older people selling their McMansions and moving into small city condos.

Check out the links andI would love to hear your thoughts.

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