Escape Room: So much fun!

Have you ever done an Escape Room? I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. We did “Cash Me If You Can” and it was fun! We went to Red Door at the Veranda in Concord, which is on the top floor of the shopping center with a great view! This one had a dual purpose in solving how to get out and collecting chips in a casino environment. There is also a Da Vinci Code element to it with ciphers and thinking outside the box. In the end, it was exciting and challenging.

You might ask, “what is an escape room? Is it claustrophobic, can I get out, etc.?” Well, Red Door Escape creates immersive escape rooms that encourage human connection where teams of 2-8 people need to solve puzzles, hints, and clues to escape a series of rooms in under 60 minutes. 

Each escape room episode is uniquely themed where your team has a common objective in order to escape the room. The episodes can deepen relationships, encourage communication and collaboration. They can do team building events, obviously.

Luckily we had one person who had done this before and was a big help in helping solve the puzzle. We actually escaped under the allotted time and got bumper stickers saying so. It helped that I unknowingly cheated on part of it, but hey isn’t that thinking outside the box? It costs about $35 a person and a great family or friend building experience that requires lots of communication and teamwork.

Every week they post a new riddle on their board. Can you figure out the riddle from the sign above? It’s a tricky one. Post your answer on at the Contact Me page. The first correct answer will win a $10 gift card of their choosing!

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