Fountain Head – Art In Walnut Creek



The Artist:  Seyed Alavi – His works are degined to encourage viewers to question the poetic role space plays in our daily lives.  He created Fountain Head, which is located in front of Mechanics Bank on the corner of Main & Duncan Street.




Alavi wanted to create work that would offer a playful and evocative focal point, as well as a gateway for Main Street, which once used to be known as Four Corners at Main & Mt. Diablo.  Fountain Head is a commentary on the role of the fountain itself.  Historically, fountains have been at the center of community life, providing critical agricultural and social sustenance.   Alvai became intrigued by the overlapping notion that both the human head as well as the fountain have been considered sources of wisdom and life in western and eastern cosmologies.  Alvai decided to place the water spout at the skull’s apex bringing together the concepts of birth, rebirth, wisdom, and community.



I also like how the city has incorporated flowers and a peaceful place to sit.  What are your thoughts on this piece of art?

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