Get out and vote!

We’re rapidly approaching November, which means it’s almost time for the Presidential election (and all the other ballot races, too!). I encourage everyone to educate themselves on the candidates, check that you are properly registered to vote, and then either request mail-in ballots or make a plan to vote in person safely on November 3rd. In California, if all goes as planned, every registered regular voter in the state can expect to get a ballot in the mail before the election. There will still be in-person voting options for those ballots who have been torn, pet-chewed, or food-splattered, and for those who just go to their voting stations out of habit. In Walnut Creek, you can also turn in your ballot at City Hall and avoid any potential issues with the Post Office.

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Here is all the information you need about your own voter registration. You can check if you are registered, or re-register if necessary, at this link:

To vote by mail in California, follow these instructions:

To locate your in-person polling place, check here:

And, finally, for those who want to get seriously educated on the candidates and policies, I suggest reading the book Thank You For Voting by Erin Geiger Smith. I read it recently, and it was really helpful to get some context on the voting system in America and give me some insight into the process of democracy. I also learned some interesting tidbits (for example, do you know why 18-year-olds were given the right to vote?).

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No matter who you support or which way you lean, politically, I think it’s important for us to exercise our rights to vote and make our voices heard in every election and to be involved in our local elections. Make sure you get your vote in on or before November 3rd!

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