Madison Reed affordable hair color, now has brick & mortar in Walnut Creek!

Madison Reed was named after a venture capitalist’s daughter who got tired of coloring her hair and wanted an affordable option. Anyone who has colored their hair before knows the pain – a top-notch hairstylist will charge you $150 for each session, and if you are like me, I have to go back every three weeks to get it colored!

Madison Reed started as an online hair company where you can re-design, check out hair colors, and then get non-stinging and ammonia-free treatments for $20 or so. Now, they have stores in some cities and will color it for you.

When I go, it costs about $90 without a blow dry to get a highlight and gloss (brown with a red tint!). It would be an additional $25 to have it blow-dried, which is cheaper than most blow-dry bars. They will give you the brushes and a blow dryer so you can do it yourself if you want to leave with a dry head.

It’s definitely not a full-blown salon, but if you know the color you want, they do good work for less money. The best bang for your buck is ordering your color online and doing it yourself, as the color is still top-notch and ammonia-free. They also have a first-time client package where you buy four color appointments and get it for $60 a session. A great idea, and even better in practice!

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