Hangar One: Good times!

I went to a tasting/pouring event at Hangar One Vodka in Alameda recently, and wanted to share my experience! First, the good: food and pours of vodka were $46 for the event. It was a perfect price point for what we got.

They had a very nice layout, beautiful flowers, and a stunning view of the city from the event. Overall, we had a great time trying drinks and enjoying a night outside in the East Bay.

Of course, nothing is perfect. This was the first event of this kind coordinated by Hangar One. There was room for improvement. Some tables were too close to the lines at the bar, which caused servers to have trouble getting through. They only had one bar line with two servers hand mixing drinks. People ordered one drink, and then stood in line for the next one.

There were five different cocktails you could choose from; we basically tried them all. My favorite was the Honeycomb Mule and Hecho En Alameda. At the end, they started bring out Honeycomb Mule from another bar to serve those standing in line. However, everybody kept standing in line to order the next drink.

All in all, though, it was a really fun time and I’d highly recommend trying to book a tour at the distillery or showing up for one of these events in the future!

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