Mike’s Bikes

I recently went looking for an open bike shop and found Mike’s Bikes. I drive by their store almost daily to work, and just being around town as they are in the Mercer building on the corner of California and Civic. The shop was founded in 1964 in Marin County (one of the first Schwinn shops!), and it was rumored that their location in San Rafael was home to some of the first mountain bikes in the country.

The Mike’s Bikes family has 12 Bay Area locations and prides itself on selling only bikes and bike accessories, unlike other outdoor stores. Co-owners Ken Martin and Matt Adams teamed up to buy the franchise after owner Dave Kaplan decided to retire. You can read more about them here.

I took a bike in that was gifted to me with a flat tire and in need of a tune-up. The person working there took my bike, filled up the tire to see if it was leaking, adjusted the seat because it was extended beyond the point of safety, and they didn’t even charge me! I loved the customer service at Mike’s Bikes and will be buying a new bike from them in the near future; thinking an electric mountain bike.

For those who don’t already know about the shop in downtown Walnut Creek, go check it out sometime! It really is a Mecca for bikers – both hardcore and casual. I know they’ll take good care of whoever comes through those doors or for now when you stand at the front door (dogs included – see the last picture!).

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