My Bathroom Remodel!

You could have probably guessed that, as a realtor, I take pride in my own home! I recently had one of my bathrooms renovated and I can’t help but share the results with you. I am so thrilled about how it turned out! Check out some “before” pictures here:

And the “after” video here:

This was done by Wolf Construction, it took about two weeks. I hired for 1 hour one of my stagers designers who has an Architecture degree from Cal. She recommended and sourced some fixtures and move the shower, I had been trying to configure it differently, but did not think about putting it where the window was. I slapped my hand to my head because I have seen so many homes with a shower and a window. My home is on a slab so they had dig into the slap to change the drains into the sewer for the shower and toilet. Of course this add another $3000 more to my budget, but I am so happy I did. The old bathroom was that way since we bought it in 1999, I painted it a bright yellow because it was so depressing. I had sourced and purchased the materials from General Plumbing, Granite Expo for the vanity, Floor Decor for all the tile and Wayfair. The mirror was a Christmas gift from my friend Veronica. It ended up being about $8k more than anticipated. The glass shower from Valley Glass on Boulevard was double what it would have been a year before, but still cheaper by a couple $1000 than other competitors. Overall I am very happy, if you need any referrals or information give me a call 925.899.7123. Next project Kitchen, just need to save some money!

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