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When my oldest son, Ryan, came to visit last Christmas, we drove to Reno to see his brother, ski, and watch a UNR basketball game. On the drive up, he wanted to listen to some podcasts – thus, my addiction to podcasts began! This blog will be a slight deviation from my normal ones about restaurants to try and real estate property in the East Bay, focusing on Walnut Creek.

I want to share some of my favorite podcasts! I often listen to a couple of short ones in the morning on my iPad before I even get out of bed. Here we go:

  1. NPR’s Up First, which is 12 minutes of recent news. Depending on the topic I will also listen to NPR’s Consider This.
  2. Other NPR podcasts I enjoy are Planet Money and The Indicators.
  3. The Daily by The New York Times is another news-related podcast in a more editorial style. These topics range from 20-40 minutes, and even over an hour for their Sunday podcasts.
  4. I recently started listening to Dua Lipa’s At Your Service, where she interviews authors, designers, musicians, and more. It is brimming with authentic and inspiring stories, tips, and recommendations. My favorite part of this one is that, at the end, she asks them to share five things, like favorite books, ideas, and so on. She often asks the five places she must see or try if she visits where they live (or where they are from). This is a fairly new weekly podcast that started in February of 2022. However, she is currently on tour so there hasn’t been a new post since April.
  5. I saved my favorite for last. This was a recommendation from my youngest son, Jackson. It’s called the All-In Podcast. They post weekly (usually on Friday) and it is four besties who are industry veterans covering all things economic, tech, political, social, and poker. What I like best is they give a broad view of topics with each their own opinion. it is like a debate, but there is respectful discourse and more varied views. I recently found you can watch it on YouTube and see their expressions, which is a bit more intimate. I am bummed that I just started listening, because they had tickets for a three-day event with speakers, poker, and parties in Miami open to those who bought tickets. They even had scholarship tickets for those that may not be able to afford the ticket amount. I would have loved to go! Maybe next year.

I have also branched out since I started listening to podcasts. Now, I occasionally listen to Learning German, Freakanomics, Akimbo, and more. What are your favorite ones to listen to? Drop some suggestions in the comments below!

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