Ringing in the fall season

Yesterday brought us the official start of Fall with the Fall Equinox! That means it’s time for the cooler air to come through, as we settle into the time of changing leaves, Turkey Trots, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I wanted to share a few items that come with this season – ranging from silly, to important!

First, I just have to point this out: Krispy Kreme has released a new pumpkin donut for the season. I know pumpkin is all the rage during Fall, but even for non-donut lovers this has to be kind of exciting. I personally am on the fence about all things pumpkin, but look forward to squash soups and a chill in the air.

Next, check out this article on paint colors from Real Simple. If you are in a house where you think your painting duties are overdue, this is a great resource. Try to enjoy the time indoors (COVID-19 + smoky air = more time inside, right?) by repainting parts of your house that need a little touch-up. Instead of spring cleaning, it is fall touch-up!

Also, it’s almost playoff baseball season! As a sports fan, when I think “Fall,” I think playoffs. I also think football. The NFL is underway and college football has started in certain parts of the country, but the A’s just won the division and the Giants are battling it out for the final spot in their league. I know we can’t go to games, but are you watching? How do you think our local teams will fare?

My last random point of the day is to get out – when and if you can – to enjoy the changing of the seasons. Even though we don’t get snow here in Walnut Creek, we do get at least parts of all four seasons. The change from summer to fall is always spectacular, and I hope you get out and hike or just walk around and take it all in! And, last but not least Apple Season is here, so if you want to take a day trip up to Apple Hill off of 50, pick some apples, drink some wine, and get donuts and cider here is a link to the Apple Hill and a map. Oh wait, one more random thought about fall. I just picked a bunch of figs and was planning to make a fig, blueberry, pepper jelly, do you think I could find canning jars? NO, I went to every store I could think of and they were all out … at Ace, he said it is that time of year, they haven’t had a shipment since last week, next year I will plan better.

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