Road Trips: Marlette Lake

Over the 4th, I spent the long weekend in Reno and Tahoe. We decided to take do a hike to Marlette Lake. As you can see in the featured image on this post, Marlette Lake is a beautiful little lake in the Sierra’s, just above Tahoe and was used for the water, via flumes in Virginia City during the silver mining boom. It was a perfect day for this 9-mile round-trip hike.

I wanted to continue on the Flume trail which takes you to the old Ponderosa Ranch location and makes the trip a total of 13 miles with breathtaking views of the lake as a reward. However, you need to figure out how to get back to your car at Spooner Lake. There is a shuttle for $18 per person or you take two cars and park one at the new parking lot at the base and one at Spooner summit.

I was out-voted to do the longer hike and my my feet were very happy we didn’t. You just can’t beat day hiking around in the beautiful mountains around Tahoe. Note: There are two trails – one larger path for mountain bikes, and a narrower foot path for hikers going up to Marlette from Spooner. Going down or up the Flume Trail, all share the same path!

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