Check Out Headlands Brewing Co!

I recently took a visit to Headlands Brewing Co. in Lafayette and really enjoyed it! After a Saturday afternoon of looking at homes from Berkeley to Martinez with two clients, we stopped on the way home to quench our thirst. The brewery is right next to Bones BBQ (previously known as Bo’s).

The patio was packed, so we had a beer and split nachos and a BBQ smash burger. The nachos were average, but the burger was very good (they only do these burgers on the weekend, just FYI!). I highly recommend trying a burger if you visit!

My clients, Kathy and Don, bought four years ago but are needing more space. So, they put their own home on the market and once we got into contract, the hunt for their new home was on. Much more to come on this in a future blog!

Headlands features complex and traditional beers and has won multiple medals at international brewing competitions. They also show off guest beers, local wines, and the aforementioned food program. Give it a try if you’re hankering for a beer and (especially!) a burger around Lafayette!

Broadway Plaza Summer Concert Series

This is one of my favorite Walnut Creek events of the year: the Broadway Plaza Summer Concert Series! Since Nordstrom was robbed in 2021, they have closed the street between it and the fountain by Brighton’s off to traffic. This makes for a much more enjoyable and intimate concert series event!

Petty Theft Logo

Starting this Thursday, Aug. 4, and continuing every Thursday throughout the month, a Bay Area band will take the stage at 7 p.m. each night. This week, it is Petty Theft, which is a San Francisco-based tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Next week (Aug. 11), The Sun Kings (a Beatles tribute) will take the stage, followed by a Journey tribute band on Aug. 18 and The Best Intentions on Aug. 25. The Walnut Creek Downtown Association will serve beverages at each concert, and surrounding eateries will be open to the public. Time to rock out to some fun music!

Closing For A Fellow Kristin

I recently had the opportunity to close a sale for a client with my exact name! Kristin Williamson graduated about two years ago and works in the healthcare industry. She decided to buy her first home right when the market started to shift.

She bought a condo off Geary that needs a little updating, but has laundry inside and a huge hall closet for additional storage. It is a 2-bed, 1-bath with a large gated front patio. Her father and brother-in-law are going to put in new flooring and may update the kitchen before Kristin moves in. I look forward to seeing the updates!

Kristin is hoping to have all the work done by the beginning of October. She already has a roommate set to move in, too. I have to say, that’s a smart move. Buying a home in your early 20s and getting a roommate to defer the costs will set her on a path to building wealth via home ownership.

If Oprah Likes It…

…then I’m gonna try it! Model Bakery, apparently one of Oprah’s favorite bakeries is slated to open in Walnut Creek. They will be opening their fourth location on Main Street in the space formerly occupied by La Fogata.

Model Bakery has been a popular place in Napa Valley for almost a century, offering pastries, breads, coffee, and more. If you’ve ever tried to go to the original location in Napa on a weekend…good luck! There are lines out the door every day and, from what I hear, it’s for good reason.

From the Model Bakery website.

As if you need me to explain it, when you can hear from Oprah herself: “I dare you to find a better English muffin than these! I’ve sent them to just about everyone I know, I even travel with them. The crunchy-yet-fluffy muffins have made my list before, but now they ship with homemade strawberry jam.”

You don’t have to tell me twice. The bakery should be open by late 2022. I’ll be there to try out one of their delicious treats when it does! Who’s with me?

Helping Clients Find Their FUR-ever Homes

I couldn’t resist a recent Better Homes and Gardens blog about how to keep your pets in mind when moving. I am the biggest animal lover, and it’s important to me that prospective clients consider their fur babies when buying or selling a home! Watch the video below for a good laugh and some excellent information about pets and real estate.

In short, did you know that research shows pets are increasingly affecting their owners’ real estate choices? Whether it is the neighborhood they choose or how they arrange and decorate their spaces, pets are a factor in buying and selling. In 2020, 70% of households in the U.S. owned one or more pets!

Here are some examples of how pets are affecting home buyers’ decisions:

  • Dog bars and parks are a huge factor now in where a new home might be located
  • Fenced-in yards for dogs are in high demand – and, in some cases, lots of acreage!
  • Pet-friendly landscaping is a consideration (lots of shade, pet-safe plants, etc.)
  • Many home buyers seek out a dedicated pet space or amenities when purchasing (think doggy doors, sunrooms, types of flooring, etc.)

When selling, some clients will now specifically list that they have a big, dog-friendly backyard, for example. This is a smart way to attract potential buyers who are looking to satisfy their pets’ needs as well as their own. Keep that in mind when selling!

What kinds of things would you consider when buying a new house, as far as making it feel like home for your pet? Let me know in the comments!