Through Rose Colored Glasses – Unfortunately Not!

A Rose Lining…

This beautiful sunset I captured is a pretty but sad reminder of the wildfires that continue to rage through the Northern California Valley.  Smoke caused by the fire has made its way out to the Contra Costa atmosphere, creating dramatic red skies and sunsets.
So far, at least 13,000 people have been displaced by the fires, leaving many families unsure whether they will have a home to go back to.  The Valley Fire has already scorched more than 75,000 acres, including 600+ homes in Lake and Napa Counties.  A 72 year old woman was also killed by the blaze.  Firefighters estimate that the fire at the time of this posting is more than 70% contained.
This dramatic video shows a family narrowly escaping the flames.
The region has sourced 2,400 firefighters, 8 helicopters, and 232 fire engines in fighting this fire.  The weather has been a mixed blessing, one day rain, one day high temperatures and wind.
Please use this as a reminder to think of those effected by the fire.  The American Red Cross has a shelter at the Calistoga Fairgrounds and is requesting online donations.  There were also many pets and animals lost during the evacuation.  A Facebook page has been set up to help.  

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