Walnut Creek Pickleball Club

I’ve written about my new favorite activity, pickleball, before. It’s really fun, social, and a great workout. I usually play up at Rudgear Park with some folks I’ve become friends with. I really love how much of a community this sport has brought me!

We held a holiday party this year (check out the funny pickleball Christmas tree above!) We have had fun mini tournaments at Rudgear Park with a BBQ and there are many tournaments to play in the area or all over the US and many country.

Last summer, we held a pickleball party with the band Remedy playing – the lead singer is also a very good pickleball player too! It was an absolute blast, and I feel very grateful that I found this group at Rudgear – Walnut Creek Pickleball Club and this sport! You can join our club or any club around the Bay Area easily!

For those who don’t know, in pickleball, you’re essentially playing a racquet sport such as tennis or even ping-pong with a slightly different set of rules. For example, if you’re within 7 feet of the net, called the kitchen, you can’t volley a return without it bouncing – this prevents spiking. The first player or team to 11 wins, as long as you win by 2! Sometimes the scoring rules change depending on where you are playing

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