5 Tacos And Beers

5 Tacos and Beers just opened after months of waiting in the former Tender Greens location. There was a line to be seated, which was not surprising given the hype surrounding the restaurant. The food was very good (a bit pricey, but what isn’t these days?) and the margarita was excellent. One negative is that you pay for chips and only get a small amount.

A little bit of background about 5 Tacos and Beers: A unique Mexican restaurant that offers healthy, fresh, and traditional food from south of Jalisco, Mexico. Traditional recipes have been passed from generation to generation, making their “homemade” food full of flavor and authenticity. They are also the only restaurant in the Bay Area with more than 25 local beers on tap, coming from award-winning breweries.

The chef, Lito Saldaña, is the Founder and Creator of Los Moles restaurants in Emeryville, San Rafael, and El Cerrito. His cuisine focuses on bringing in distinct flavors from traditional Mexican pueblos and showcasing them with a modern twist. He uses family recipes and keeps the food simple, but enjoyable.

On the menu are three prominent names: Mama Luisa, Don Pedro, and Mama Elena. These are important people in Chef Lito’s life. His parents, Pedro and Luisa, have been the inspiration for his career and his greatest culinary instructors. In the traditional pueblos of Mexico, mothers and grandmothers prepare enough food (with plenty of tortillas) for family and neighbors. Everything is shared and everyone eats well!

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