Introducing the Cypress Mini-Plaza

Did you know we’re getting a mini-plaza on the corner of Cypress and N. Main St.? It will be a partnership between the City of Walnut Creek and Walnut Creek Downtown. They plan to make it more of a “European” street environment.

Cypress Mini Plaza

You can see more info and a rendering at this link. There will be a loss of six parking spaces – I counted yesterday when I was driving down Main, though I think the city noted just three. It will enhance the public sidewalk on the west side of the street. The intent, according to the website, is to create a public gathering space in the heart of the traditional downtown area.

In addition to the sidewalk, the project will add new hardscape, landscaping, arbor, lighting, and seating to create this “mini-plaza” space. There will be synthetic play mounds and a new outdoor parklet, too.


It sounds like this project will commence over the Fall and Winter of this year, so look for this to be opened up by next year!

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