A New Home In Pleasant Hill

My clients, Farrah and Michael, were looking for a home and just closed on this beautiful one in Pleasant Hill. They wanted a place to relax, put up a hammock, and maybe even get a dog. They were referred to me by another client who closed on a house in Walnut Creek last year (thank you, Kim and Adam!).

We looked at just three homes and the third home was a charmer. They wrote on a newer home that was nicely updated but had no yard. They didn’t win that one, but it was a good thing in the end as this home on W. Boyd Rd. checked off most of their boxes. Funny how things just work out for the best.

To win this house, Farrah and Michael beat out three other buyers (in part because they had such a great loan benefit with Kaiser and Matthew Townsend at Union Bank as their loan officer, who knows how to rock through the Kaiser system and loan process quickly and smoothly).

Surprisingly, Farrah was on a trip and did not see the house in person until after we got into contract. She relied on lots of videos and pictures from Michael, and knew he would make a good decision without her physically being there. They looked so happy on closing day, and I’m thrilled at how it all worked out. A big congratulations to them!

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