A recently closed home finishes the American dream

I have a great story to tell you today about one of my clients. This client closed on a house last Friday, which is a big deal for anyone, so congratulations are in order. However, they also closed on a long-awaited chapter of the American dream.

The Tolentino family had been renting in Richmond for almost 20 years in the same house. As a veteran, Eulogio finally decided to use his VA benefits to purchase a big home in Pittsburg. I met them through a referral from USAA when they had been working with another agent, but they felt they were not being fully represented.

They were motivated to see some houses, so my team member, Lilly, went and showed them some newer construction in Pittsburg and they decided to write an offer. They came back to the office and we all sat down and discussed the process and what they would need. Their previous agent never explained that if they were getting money out of a 401K, they might need to know how long it will take and then put in an offer after they had the money in hand.

After much discussion, they decided they could not write on this house as offers were due that day. They then set their sights on some new construction, got all their ducks in a row, and now are the proud owners of a brand new house!

Eulogio is a native Filipino who moved to the United States and served our country. I can’t think of a better example of what the United States stands for and the diversity that inhabits this country. It is what the USA was built on. A big congratulations for achieving the American dream and owning a piece of land in the country he defended.

I’m so happy for the Tolentino family and proud to have helped them achieve their dream! This moment is more than well-deserved.

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