Barranco Cocina Peruana…Delicious!

Remember the clients who moved from Pleasant Hill to Martinez, featured in last week’s blog? They also joined me for a memorable celebration meal at Barranco Cocina Peruana in Lafayette, and I just had to blog about this restaurant!

The food at Barranco Cocina Peruana was absolutely delicious. All three of us ordered the same dish (one of us had seafood, while I had chicken and the other veggies). It was called Arroz con Marisco, which was basically a Peruvian paella, and it was so good. We also got empanadas, which were the bomb – baked not fried thus the dough is flaky. For drinks, we enjoyed sangria and pisco sours.

This was a celebration dinner for closing on their house and buying a new one. The restaurant’s name comes from the coastal neighborhood of Barranco in Lima, Peru, and takes some of its culinary and artistic elements from there. This influence comes from the owner and chef Carlos Altamirano. He also owns Parada, another Peruvian restaurant I’ve blogged about previously. However I think Barranco is better.

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