A commentary on Northstar timeshares

Okay, let me start this with a quick disclaimer: the list prices on these condo/timeshare units in Northstar by Lake Tahoe are pretty high. That’s to be expected around these larger resorts these days, but it is a nice unit. Just not exactly something I’d pay the full price for myself.

Check out this video below. We stayed there last time I went up to ski with some friends, and it was a beautiful unit. What do you think?

These units are part of the Welk Resorts at the base of the Northstar Village. It is a great place to stay; the units are spacious and nicely updated. I had tried them out as they were trying to sell me ownership. As nice as the units were, I couldn’t see purchasing another timeshare. I currently have one (originally a Starwood Property) which is now part of the Marriott Bonvoy offering and which I am very happy to own. I do have to say, about the Welk resorts, that they are nice and if you are older than 50, you probably remember Lawrence Welk Orchestra from back in the day. Yes, the same family owns these timeshares. They only have a handful – most west of the Rockies, one in Branson Missouri. They really promote the use of RCI to experience different vacations.

One of the comments I heard from some of the guests who bought was it is very difficult to get the weeks that you want when booking and they had to settle for less than ideal days that conflicted with school. Of course, most people want Christmas or the 4th of July. Each company has a different way of booking, however the way my Vistana Timeshare works is the reason why I originally purchased it. People have a love-hate relationship with timeshares. If you are thinking about purchasing one, make sure you understand how and when you can book and use it.

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