Helping Clients Find Their FUR-ever Homes

I couldn’t resist a recent Better Homes and Gardens blog about how to keep your pets in mind when moving. I am the biggest animal lover, and it’s important to me that prospective clients consider their fur babies when buying or selling a home! Watch the video below for a good laugh and some excellent information about pets and real estate.

In short, did you know that research shows pets are increasingly affecting their owners’ real estate choices? Whether it is the neighborhood they choose or how they arrange and decorate their spaces, pets are a factor in buying and selling. In 2020, 70% of households in the U.S. owned one or more pets!

Here are some examples of how pets are affecting home buyers’ decisions:

  • Dog bars and parks are a huge factor now in where a new home might be located
  • Fenced-in yards for dogs are in high demand – and, in some cases, lots of acreage!
  • Pet-friendly landscaping is a consideration (lots of shade, pet-safe plants, etc.)
  • Many home buyers seek out a dedicated pet space or amenities when purchasing (think doggy doors, sunrooms, types of flooring, etc.)

When selling, some clients will now specifically list that they have a big, dog-friendly backyard, for example. This is a smart way to attract potential buyers who are looking to satisfy their pets’ needs as well as their own. Keep that in mind when selling!

What kinds of things would you consider when buying a new house, as far as making it feel like home for your pet? Let me know in the comments!

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