Art in Walnut Creek

From time to time, I will post various art I find in and around Walnut Creek.  Here is a very cool sculpture I often pass when when I am walking the dog.  I do not know the name of it, if somebody knows, please comment, I would love to know.  This art sits at the entrance  of Doris Eaton private elementary school, which shares a campus with Parkmead Elementary School and at one time was the local middle school.
Statue Doris Eaton


When the kids are not in school, I take Bodie (picture below, my beloved Weimaraner) to run around the school field.  It is great for a quick walk that gives him some good exercise and I get to pass by this great piece of art work!



Market Overview

pulling out hair

Here is what is going on in our market. I was to show a home on Saturday. I tried to make an appt. on Friday, however the seller was to busy getting the house ready for the Open House and said no. I checked the status on Saturday before I was to meet my clients and the home was already pending, even though the agent stated they were looking at offers on Tuesday. This is the second time in 2 weeks. I complained to the agent and he said the seller was so overwhelmed with the amount of people calling, they accepted an over asking offer with no contingencies! Crazy market, sellers take advantage of it!

Just in time for Valentine day, how to Prune your Roses!

Here are some great tips!

I have always wanted to have beautiful roses, though I only have one rose bush.  When my friend cut it way back one winter I thought it was gone.  It came back healthier than ever! Maybe now I am ready to plant a few more.

Second Saturday Spotlight – Walnut Creek Library Review

Here are the highlights of the first Second Saturday Spotlight at the Walnut Creek Library.  If you missed it, join us for the next one at the Lesher Center for the Arts on February 9th for the “State of the City”  – here is the link…


The Librarian gave us a tour of the Lincoln Exhibit, it is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

People gathering for the tour on a very early Saturday morning before the Library even opened.

Second Saturday start

A welcome and overview by the Mayor Cindy SilvaIMG_0254

Attention to detail – a chair with our city logo.

Library Chair

Full Circle Organic Produce



I received a Groupon to have organic produce delivered to my home.  Since my New Years Resolution is to eat more fruit and vegetables, I decided to give it a try and this was my first delivery.

Full Circle Produce

I was able to modify the selected delivery with other in season choices.  They even tell you where the produce comes from.  I ordered the seedling box for 1-2 people.  It was delivered on my door step Sunday night around 11 pm.  I am now cooking dishes, I would not have considered before – roasted beet salad with mandarins, sautéed Tuna with onions & spinach over butternut squash.  Yummm!!!



Art in Walnut Creek – 12 Shades of Grey!

Can anyone tell me where this is located?


This is Christian Moeller’s Shhh… Portrait i 12 Volumes of Gray 2010.  He used 3960 books with covers in 12 shades of gray.  Each book spine represents one pixel in the entire image.  The pixels are so large that the image looks distorted to the naked eye.  The picture becomes clearer if you see it through a camera lens or cell phone.

ssh books

Examples of the books used.  So apt to be located in the Walnut Creek Library, as I remember librarians shhhing me as a child.