Realogy Changes Its Name

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE), the brand I represent, is owned by a global residential real estate company – and that company has a new name! Anywhere Real Estate Inc. (formerly “Realogy”) has officially changed its name and plans to officially implement it by the end of the second quarter in 2022.

Below is the strategy behind the new name. I am keenly interested in this because in the 90’s, I worked for Landor Associates who did Corporate & Brand Identity along with Naming. Interestingly one of the creatives in Naming I used to work with at Landor posted his thoughts of Anywhere on LinkedIn, creating a dialog with others. I was surprised we were not made aware of the name change until the press release, but at the end of the day Anywhere is a B2B brand for the holding company and not a change specifically to BHG. What are you thoughts on the new name?

Taking inspiration from the company’s strategy, the Anywhere brand represents the desire to meet consumers anywhere on the transaction journey across the entirety of the market. The “re” at the end of the Anywhere name nods to the brand’s prominence within the Real Estate industry. The Anywhere mark is an eight-stroke asterisk, symbolic of depth, connectivity, and amplification, with the bottom vertical stroke falling away to lie horizontally as the foundation of a home. While the two lower strokes of the asterisk come together to form a pitched roof, the linear middle strokes form the horizon line and the upper three strokes form the arc of a sun rising above the home, conveying the potential that comes with a new day. The Anywhere logo colors are deep midnight blue, expressing vast opportunity, and vibrant orange, evoking hope, joy, and illumination, all benefits the Anywhere brand will bring to the consumer experience. the home buying and selling experience for consumers who are demanding a more seamless, integrated transaction.

We are home to a dynamic portfolio of real estate brands that each have their own unique story and power in the market,” said Schneider. “As we set forth our bold consumer-first, agent-led strategy, it was clear there was one brand that did not carry that same emotional connection – the Realogy brand. The Anywhere name and identity serve as both our aspiration and commitment to changing the transaction experience for consumers. It’s truly a new day for real estate.”

Check out this great infographic about Anywhere and its subsidiaries (again, including Better Homes & Gardens!) and how successful we have all been. I truly enjoy working here and hope you’ve enjoyed your experience buying or selling with myself and other BHGRE agents.

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