Road Trips: Mariposa To Placerville

This will begin a three-blog series on road trips, based on this 7×7 article about “road trips less traveled” in California. First up, taking US-49 from Mariposa to Placerville!

As many people from Northern California know, US-49 takes you through gold country. You wind through Sierra foothills from Mariposa, passing several of the small towns that make up that region and give the drive some of its charm. You’ll get to Auburn, which is a wonderful little historic town, and eventually to the gates of Placer County – with some of the most underrated wine country in California.

Credit: @visitsuttercreek and 7×7

Here are a few side trips on this route that 7×7 recommends:

  1. Kennedy Gold Mine: Tour the remains of one of the world’s deepest gold mines or wander the ruins on your own.
  2. Sutter Creek & Amador City: Historic small towns in NorCal with great food and shopping.
  3. Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park: You can visit the spot where California miner James W. Marshall first discovered gold (and can even pan the river yourself!).
  4. Placer Wine Trail: A personal favorite, jump on the Placer Wine Trail at the end of your trek. It takes you to more than 20 small wineries in and around Auburn.

For those of you who had kids go through the local school system many know about the 4th grade trip to Colombia, it was an over night stay and they got to experience what is was like during the gold rush. I think the parents enjoyed it too. There are so many off the beaten path places to explore in California. Hopefully one of these blogs might inspire you to get your adventure on and explore some of these hidden gems. Shot me a text, email and comment if you have been with any recommendations and your overall experience.

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