House for lease in Emeryville!

I have a new listing (for lease) on a home in Emeryville! If you haven’t visited Emeryville in a while, it’s one of the next up-and-coming parts of the Bay Area. Close to a lot of hip, new places and with a fantastic walk score to boot!

The home I’m leasing is at 38 Glashaus Loop. It includes a 2-car tandem garage and is a 2 bed/2.5 bath unit. It is close to a lot of public transportation options and will go for about $3490 per month.

For those who are working in San Francisco and want to live closer than the East Bay or don’t want to pay SF rents , this is a good halfway point! You’d be near Berkeley and Oakland, and cut your commute by at least 30 minutes per day, each direction. Plus, as mentioned, the neighborhood is great with lots of restaurants, coffee shops etc. !

Give me a call if you’re interested in seeing it.

Art Town: Geologica

If you’re strolling down North Main in Walnut Creek, you might wander right past a really cool piece of art. Surely, you recognize Geologica, the glittering half-rock fountain piece in front of Wells Fargo. But have you taken the time to actually look at it?


The piece, created by husband and wife artist team Wowhaus, was created in 2012 using ceramic and glass tiles. They designed it to change with the light, weather and seasons so that every time you walk by it, the look is slightly altered. You’re never supposed to see the same thing twice!

The mosaic patterns flicker and change in the water. Wowhaus likes to play with narrative to help understand the communities we live in, and puts that into their work as well. Other pieces they’ve done reside in places like Emeryville, Oakland and San Francisco. They have another piece coming to Walnut Creek soon!

Give it an extra look next time you’re downtown and maybe you’ll notice that it’s different from every angle.