My Ice Cream Social

National Ice Cream Day falls on the third Sunday in July. This year, I treated clients, friends, and neighbors to a frozen delight! Yogurt Spot sells frozen yogurt, gelato, shaved ice, and floats. I’ve written about them on this blog in the past, actually.

Over the course of two hours, 26 people showed up to get ice cream or other treats at Yogurt Spot. Dana and her daughter, Annabell, came all the way from Antioch! I think you can tell by these photos above that they had a good time!

Below is the store’s owner, Heather, and me. She was a wonderful host. It was nice to chat with everyone and have this great event. Supporting Yogurt Spot is always a worthwhile cause, as is supporting the Rice family, who have been clients of mine (along with some of their family members) for over 15 years.

If you haven’t visited Yogurt Spot yet, add it to your list! And, hopefully, I’ll see you at my 2024 ice cream social for the next National Ice Cream Day. Next year I will remember to take more photos of everyone, you get so busy talking to people, you forget to memorialize it with pictures for social media! I would rather chat with everyone than remember to take a picture.

Must-Try: The Yogurt Spot!

The Yogurt Spot is now open in the Rossmoor Village Shopping Center on Tice Valley in Walnut Creek. Heather and Aron are the proud owners and their son Aiden is working there with some of his school buddies.  Aiden is already asking about stock options! Hey, you never know; maybe the concept gets franchised.

I really like how they have The Yogurt Spot set up.  You buy by size, which includes two toppings (additional toppings are 75 cents).  They have root beer floats, coffee floats, shaved ice, and gelato. What more can you ask for on a hot summer day?

Aron & Heather have been long-time clients, along with some of their family members. Another agent Kara (who focuses on commercial real estate) and I helped them get this lease. It was a wild ride, as we started the process before COVID and got nowhere fast. Then, we tried again thinking with all the stores closed during COVID, plus having their business plan and process honed, we could get a lease signed during the pandemic; and we DID!

Of course, everything these days happens with delays or at a much slower pace than intended, but they are finally open and I urge you to give Yogurt Spot a try. I have five poker chips that give $5 off a purchase to the first five people who comment on this blog. Ideally, you live in or around Walnut Creek, so you can keep coming back or will actually use the poker chip! Discounted sweet treats are a comment away.

Everyone Is In For A Huge Treat!

Heather, Aron, and I have been working on getting them into a commercial space at the Rossmoor Village Shopping Center on Tice Valley Blvd. There, they will be opening The Yogurt Spot (targeted to open later this summer). It has been a lifelong dream of Heather’s, who previously worked in events with Prima in downtown Walnut Creek.

A signed lease was just cemented in March. It will be a family-owned business serving the highest quality frozen desserts, from gelato and shaved ice, to many different flavors of frozen yogurt.

Heather and Aron are excited about being part of the community. Their son Aiden plays varsity football for Las Lomas and are very much looking forward to supporting the team along with a few other organizations near and dear to their hearts (such as Underdog and ARF).

The Yogurt Spot will be tucked between Starbucks and BurgerIM.

I can’t wait to see what they do with this small business yogurt stop and taste some of their frozen desserts!