Angora Lakes, worth the visit, but please don’t go!

If you get the chance this summer, I’d highly recommend trekking up to Lake Tahoe to do some hiking and swimming. If you’ve read my blog, you know how much I love visiting the area; well, I found a new favorite spot!

Angora Lakes is a popular hiking destination that is, unfortunately, best known for a devastating fire about 15 years ago that burned a large swath of land and homes. But the lake area was untouched, and the upper and lower Angora Lakes remain.

It is right above Fallen Leaf Lake, which you can see above, last picture on the right of the six grouped together. This is the entrance to Desolation Wilderness, and lots of people enjoy jumping off the 24-foot rocks around the lakes. Right now, be aware: there are warnings because the lake is low!

The upper Angora Lake has a few cabins, a snack bar and rent canoes and kayaks, but it books out a year in advance. It’s a very popular spot to hike, camp, and vacation – and you can see why from these pictures. It could be added to my previous blog on swimming holes.

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