Walnut Creek Pickleball Club

I’ve written about my new favorite activity, pickleball, before. It’s really fun, social, and a great workout. I usually play up at Rudgear Park with some folks I’ve become friends with. I really love how much of a community this sport has brought me!

We held a holiday party this year (check out the funny pickleball Christmas tree above!) We have had fun mini tournaments at Rudgear Park with a BBQ and there are many tournaments to play in the area or all over the US and many country.

Last summer, we held a pickleball party with the band Remedy playing – the lead singer is also a very good pickleball player too! It was an absolute blast, and I feel very grateful that I found this group at Rudgear – Walnut Creek Pickleball Club and this sport! You can join our club or any club around the Bay Area easily!

For those who don’t know, in pickleball, you’re essentially playing a racquet sport such as tennis or even ping-pong with a slightly different set of rules. For example, if you’re within 7 feet of the net, called the kitchen, you can’t volley a return without it bouncing – this prevents spiking. The first player or team to 11 wins, as long as you win by 2! Sometimes the scoring rules change depending on where you are playing

2 thoughts on “Walnut Creek Pickleball Club”

  1. Unfortunately this sport has become TOO popular. Wait times in Walnut Creek are very long. The courts in Concord are a better experience. Seriously!

    Also, why is the City of Danville not allowing pickleball courts?

    1. The beauty of WC courts is that you put your name up and can play with most anybody. You don’t have to have 4 people for a game, you come you play. Concord, you usually have to a group, not as much opportunity as a single person to get into a game. I think Danville is looking to build courts.

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