You Can Opt Out Of Credit Monitoring

Credit to JVM Lending for an excellent and informative blog post about credit bureaus, which I’ve shared in a slightly edited format here. The most important part, to me, is what follows:

Credit bureaus sell borrower info when credit is pulled. And, unfortunately, borrowers are getting pummeled by online lunatics even if they never apply for a mortgage with any of them! But, good news; borrowers can opt OUT of credit monitoring!

All you have to do is visit THIS LINK for and click the prompt at the bottom of the home page. It’s an easy way to fix a major annoyance. No more aggressive follow-ups from online lenders, no more spam calls, and no more emails.

Thanks to Jay Vorhees and JVM for pointing this out! I think taking the small step of following the link above and opting out will save you from lots of spam. Personally, I just opted out of electronic follow-ups for five years, though I’m still working on stopping phone calls.

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