Celebration of Closing on a Home!!!

One of the greatest joys of my job is presenting my clients with the key to their new home or telling a seller their home is SOLD.  Below are  some pictures of celebrating with my happy clients as they receive those keys, sign their loan documents and enjoy their congratulatory “let’s celebrate” baskets after closing!

2 thoughts on “Celebration of Closing on a Home!!!”

  1. What a great album of pictures. This work can relentless in the demands for our clients but also us as the professionals that guide them to the finish line. But the day you are able to tell clients their loan has closed and they get the keys all of those in process memories fade. And the memories that really matter begin. Giving a client the keys to their own home is one of the most rewarding things we do. Seeing these photos reminds me of this joy. I am a passionate loan advisor that craves these moments. Thanks for sharing Kristin.

    -Zackry Cooper

    1. It is very rewarding. Many of my clients, I have become friends with, you go through so much in a short time and learn about their family, friends and jobs. It sounds cheesy, but I believe we can make a difference.

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